Dáger Zúñiga


Dáger Zúñiga

Hey! Here you can see most of the relevant aspects of my professional life 💻, but this is just a minimalistic approach, you can also check my other links - LinkedIn, GitHub & CodePen - and my personal blog to see more information about me 🙂


Full-Stack Developer

Facturación Digital Costa Rica

2019 - 2020



2020 - Active

Front-End Developer

The Lifetime Value Company

2020 - Active

The beginning of my career 🙌🏻

At the end of 2019, I started an internship as a full-stack developer for a small company dedicated to outsourcing. After a few months I stop being an intern and became a full-time engineer, and this was the beginning of my professional career. Here I worked on different projects using Laravel, Javascript with jQuery, SCSS, and Foundation as the responsive framework 📚.

I learned a lot here, I had to face multiple challenges every day and that made me a better engineer 🧠 💻.

My own blog 📝

I consider this as professional experience too since learning and sharing knowledge is an important part in the life of a developer, and as an enginner, this is my little contribution to internet 🌐.

You can visit it here weeklydev.blog, basically I write about whatever dev related topic I think can be interesting & useful 🛠 .

My current home 🏠

LTV Co has been my home since September 2020, it's been an amazing place - is in the best workplaces of 2021 for a reason -, here I've been working as a front-end developer for amazing and challenging projects. Here I learn something new every day ❤️💻.


Informática y Tecnología Multimedia

Universidad de Costa Rica

2016 - 2019

Specialty as Front-End Architect


2021 - In Progress

Certificate as Javascript Developer


2021 - In Progress

Scrum Master

International Scrum Institute

Oct 2018

Optimization for the web


Jan 2018

Clean Code


Dic 2017



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